Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stained Glass Window

I have always loved stained glass windows.  There is just something about the sun shining through colored glass that makes me smile.  I've seen them at art shows, but they are usually really expensive, and until now, making my own was out of the question.  Enter  DecoArt's new line of glass paints, and what do you know, I have painted my very own stained glass window.  Now, all is well in the world, and this girl is smiling from ear to ear.  It's so easy, you just won't believe it...

DecoArt's new glass paint line is amazing!  And the stencils...fabulous!  I cannot tell you how much I am going to enjoy painting glassware and dishes...let's just say, there is going to be some serious monogramming and stenciling of dishes around this house...and dare I say lots of fun holiday projects?  Oh, the trips to Michael's I will be making, especially since they carry the entire line right there by the glasswear!

Okay, so on with it...here is how I made my very own stained glass window...

Luckily, I had this old window in my garage from a recent trip to the thrift store.  I started by drawing out my design with a chalk pen.  I like to draw, but I mess up...a lot.  I decided to go with a garden theme, since you can see my rosemary and geraniums from the breakfast nook.

Next, I used the black leading to trace over my chalk design.

I let it dry overnight, then took a wet cloth and wiped the chalk away.

This is where the real fun begins!  I chose my colors, and started filling in the leading.
I used orange for the pot, but blended in some brown at the bottom to make it look a little aged.  To mix the color in, I simply filled in the orange, then dropped in a couple dots of brown and swirled slowly with a toothpick.  While filling in the smaller leaves and flower petals, I got a few air bubbles, and just lightly poked them with a toothpick as well.  I let it dry for 2 days before hanging.  

I just love how it looks it looks hanging above my breakfast nook!  Plus, it hides the ceiling fan...which is just fine by me!

For lots of other fabulous glass painting ideas, head over to DecoArt's Glass Ideas Board on Pinterest!

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are absolutely my own...4 Real!

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